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Welcome to Qingdao International Industry Fair

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2020/08/27 15:44

       The 2nd Qingdao International Industry Fair is held today in Qingdao World Expo City (8.27-8.30), Qingdao Henglin Hall S1-AT13, see you or leave, look forward to your visit!





       The 2020 Qingdao International Industry Fair will be held in Qingdao World Expo City on August 27-30. With the theme of "Green Industry, Smart Future", this expo will showcase high-end technical equipment such as CNC machine tools, welding and cutting equipment, industrial automation, industrial robots, casting machinery and equipment, power transmission and control technology.

CNC machine tool exhibition: various CNC machine tools, machining centers, laser cutting machines, stamping machine tools, plate shears, bending machines, pipe bending machines, special processing equipment, automatic loading and unloading equipment, inspection and measuring equipment, 3D printing rapid prototyping technology , Various mechanical functional parts, etc.
Welding and cutting equipment exhibition: complete sets of welding equipment, welding machines, welding robot systems, laser welding and cutting equipment, plasma welding and cutting equipment, welding materials, welding auxiliary equipment, etc.
Industrial Automation and Power Transmission Exhibition: Industrial automation (production and process automation), electrical transmission, industrial robots and smart factories, industrial automation information technology and software, machine vision and sensor technology, instrumentation and test and measurement technology exhibition area, etc.
Industrial Robot Exhibition: Multi-degree-of-freedom robots, parallel robots, coordinate robots, truss manipulators, power-assisted manipulators, robot workstations, robot application products and solutions, projects (special machines and integrated applications), industrial robot development platforms and software technologies, industrial robot functions Parts, automatic trolleys and rail cars, etc.
Power Transmission Exhibition: fluid power, pneumatic technology, linear motion system/guide/drive element, power transmission/parts and manufacturing equipment, internal combustion engine and small gas turbine, bearing, sealing technology, etc.

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