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Water glass sand mixer

Company News
Release time:
2019/08/20 17:32

       Just finished production of water glass sand mixer.

       The application practice of resin sand casting technology at home and abroad for decades has shown that resin sand has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, smooth surface and high molding efficiency, which can produce castings with complex shapes and strict internal quality requirements, and easy recycling and recycling of old sand. However, the production cost of resin sand is high and the environmental pollution is serious. Under the condition that people's living conditions and environment are increasingly strict, the application of resin sand is limited due to the great investment in labor protection and production environment hygiene. limit. The water glass is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and has no irritating or toxic gas spillage during the mixing, hardening and casting process. Therefore, in recent years, many countries have re-emphasized water glass sand.