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Advantages of the hook type blasting machine

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2019/08/29 14:50
Advantages of the hook type blasting machine
1. The international advanced cantilever centrifugal blasting machine with large shot blasting and high throwing speed can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency and cleaning quality.
2. All the drawings of the simulated projectile and the shot blasting machine are completely drawn by computer aided design (CAD). The selection and arrangement of the blasting machine is more reasonable.
3. Adopting the structure of no pit structure, which saves the construction cost and time of the pit foundation, and solves the problem of the rust and agglomeration of the ball in the hoist caused by the user's water storage in the pit. The hook has the functions of lifting, running and indoor rotation.
4. The cleaning room is protected by high chrome plate, the service life is greatly improved, the appearance is beautiful and easy to replace.
       Scope of application: Surface cleaning, glazing and strengthening of aluminum alloy die-casting parts, zinc alloy die-casting parts, copper castings, stainless steel precision castings, cast iron parts, motorcycle frames and steel parts.
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