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Advantages and disadvantages of sand casting

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2019/08/30 15:31
Advantages and disadvantages of sand casting
1. It can cast blanks with very complicated shape and inner cavity. Such as: a variety of boxes, beds, racks and so on.
2. Wide applicability, from a few grams to hundreds of tons of castings can be.
3. Wide range of raw materials and low cost. If you can melt iron filings.
4. The shape of the casting is close to the size of the part, reducing the machining allowance.
1. There are many processes, and some process quality is difficult to guarantee. The quality is unstable and it is easy to form waste.
2. Shrinkage and porosity are prone to occur in castings, and the performance is not as good as forgings. Therefore, castings are generally not required for important parts carrying large loads.
So choosing the right casting process is necessary.
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