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Xu Meng Green Foundry Industrial Park project centralized production ceremony

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2019/09/06 15:04

       Recently, the Xu Meng Green Foundry Industrial Park project was put into operation, and the leaders of the county party committee and other enterprises of the Foundry Association attended the ceremony.

       Mr. Qu Xianjun, Chairman of our company, was honored to participate in the event and spoke as a representative of the company in the Green Foundry Industrial Park. Our company is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao West Coast. The main products are complete sets of automation equipment for casting machinery and environmental dust removal equipment. And intelligent robots, etc. With the continuous development and growth of the group company, the leaders of the group company deeply realized that the factory in the West Coast New District has seriously hindered and restricted the development of the company, and decided to “grab the opportunity, take the initiative to attack, get out of Qingdao, and develop rapidly”. We went to several areas for field visits. On the occasion of signing a contract with Xintai City Government, our deputy magistrate Sun Leichun of Wulian County and the head of He Maodong and Wang Miwei of Xu Mengzhen came to our group company. The headquarters has publicized the preferential policies of the Green Foundry Industrial Park and the future planning. Their perseverance and full of enthusiasm have deeply touched us, especially the establishment of the "green casting industry" proposed by Ma Shuji. The forward-looking strategic decision of the park has deeply touched us. The leadership research of the group company unanimously decided to invest in the green casting industrial park. In the park, a total of three investment: high-end green casting, high-end casting equipment, intelligent robots. The high-end green casting civil construction part and foundation part have been completed, the relevant equipment is being produced and installed, and it is expected to be put into production in December; the high-end casting equipment has been put into production in the park, and the total production value has reached 42 million yuan in January-August in 2019. In the next year, the total production value will reach 150 million yuan, and the annual output value will reach 500 million yuan after the completion of production.
       In the end, the commissioning ceremony was a complete success, and we will definitely add to the economic construction of Wulian.
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