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What do you need to do when the shot blasting machine is running properly

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2019/09/18 15:47
When the shot blasting machine wants to run properly, we need to do that.
1. Regularly lubricate
The motor and transmission components of the electric actuator of the shot blasting machine need to be lubricated with lubricating oil, and the viscosity of the lubricating oil varies with the oil temperature. The viscosity is too low, and the wear of the transmission components such as gears is increased; the viscosity is too high and the operation is poor. Therefore, regular lubrication can extend its service life. Improve the operating environment: In order to ensure the reliability of the electric actuator of the shot blasting machine, it must be guaranteed to operate in a suitable operating environment to avoid short circuit or other faults caused by other environmental factors such as environmental humidity.
2. Regular inspection
Regular inspections, timely detection of hidden dangers in operation, at least for the search for fault factors, to avoid detours. Manage the faulty account: Every fault that has been processed must be recorded in detail, including fault phenomena, fault analysis and search process, fault cause, treatment method, and preventive measures. This not only provides a reference value for dealing with similar problems in the future, but also improves the level of finding fault factors through the fault curve, and achieves a multiplier effect.
As long as the above points are achieved, the shot blasting machine can be operated smoothly.
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