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$458,000! Qingdao Henglin 2019 Thailand exhibition signed a big order!

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2019/09/20 15:53
       On September 19, at the inaugural Thailand International Foundry Metallurgy Exhibition, the Chinese exhibitor, Qingdao Henglin Industrial Group Co., Ltd., cooperated with the Kross india company from India to sign up to US$458,000 for the horizontal boxless molding line project. Purchase agreement.
       This is another large-scale order signed by Chinese and foreign companies at the first Thailand International Foundry Metallurgy Exhibition. Qingdao Henglin's horizontal boxless molding line has gone through the exhibition platform to serve the Asian foundry. This strategic cooperation will help China and India to achieve complementary advantages and precise docking, in order to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.
       In addition to reaching a cooperation agreement with Indian companies, Qingdao Henglin also reached a series of preliminary cooperation intentions with customers from Vietnam and Thailand. At the first Thailand exhibition, the economic and trade cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies was fruitful.
       Qingdao Henglin Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise. It is also a two-level “contract-honoring and credit-worthy” demonstration enterprise in Shandong Province and Qingdao City. It has a series of invention patents and utility model patents in the field of foundry machinery. The level of the box-free molding line project has many advantages such as high productivity, high precision of casting dimensions, high degree of automation, low noise, flexible assembly line, small floor space, low investment in technology and construction, energy saving, etc. The standard fits perfectly with the Indian metal industry market demand.
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