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Advantages of welding robots in modern industrial applications

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2019/09/23 16:24
       The development of modern automobile manufacturing requires equipment automation, product batching, rationalization of man-machine combination, maximization of production efficiency, and reduction of labor intensity. Therefore, industrial robots have emerged. The application of welding robots has increased the scale of production and product quality in practice and greatly improved the production cycle.
       The repetitive positioning accuracy of the welding robot is less than ±0.5mm, which ensures the accuracy of the solder joint. At the same time, the precise trajectory of the welding robot and the more favorable weld position accessibility allow the welding fixture to be more compact and more integrated, improving the positioning performance of the fixture.
       In addition, the welding robot is programmable, so it can be applied to multi-model hybrid production lines. The robot determines the welding model and calls the welding procedure of the model and switches the required welding tools according to the result of the vehicle type detection in the station. In the high production cycle, the welding workshop of multi-vehicle mixed line production, the advantages of welding robots are revealed. The application of welding robots has also stimulated the flexible automated production and development of bodywork.
       The application of welding robots greatly reduces the work intensity of the operators. In some stations where large welding equipment or poor welding positions must be used, the welding robot effectively replaces the operator and better completes the process requirements. At the same time, the welding robot has a faster speed and work durability than the operator, and improves the production cycle. It can be seen that the application advantages of welding robots are all aspects.
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