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Do not make these mistakes with a shot blasting machine

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2019/09/28 15:06
The shot blasting machine is used in daily use, and these aspects must not be wrong.
1. There is no way to increase the pellets in time. The shot blasting equipment mainly relies on the blasting machine to project the steel shots at high speed to the surface of the workpiece for cleaning. The pellets are consumables, and the operation of the shot blasting equipment is gradually reduced. The cycle of separation can not be completed, affecting the quality of shot blasting.
2. The boot sequence is wrong, the booting operation of the shot blasting equipment is not performed according to the instruction manual, and the blasting machine is formed to be idling and no pellets are entered.
3. The shutdown sequence is wrong. The shot blasting equipment will be closed early, and the pellets will continue to enter the blasting machine. It is easy to burn the motor the next time it is turned on.
4. The speed of the equipment conveying roller is too fast or too slow, the roller conveyor can be adjusted, and the user can not adjust according to the speed of the manual during the operation. Too fast or too slow will affect the quality of shot blasting.
Good operation, both for shot blasting machine and shot blasting quality.
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