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Why can't customers buy a good quality shot blasting machine

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2019/10/07 14:27
Some customers always can't buy qualified shot blasting machine products and summarize three experiences.
1. The customer does not have a position on his or her own products, and does not know how to choose a shot blasting machine that suits his or her own products.
2. Randomly consult the manufacturer of shot blasting machine. The manufacturer of shot blasting machine can only give recommendation according to past experience. The result is a one-of-a-kind statement. It is difficult to choose a model suitable for your own goods.
3. There are still some customers who choose the type of shot blasting machine, but simply quoting the price, not considering the function of the product, not comparing the equipment and product life of the same type of goods, and the shot blasting effect on the workpiece and the manufacturer of the shot blasting machine. Pre-sales service.
This is the summary of Qingdao Henglin Industrial Group Co., Ltd. in recent years.
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