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Wide application of core shooting machine

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2019/10/08 14:03
       The core shooting machine is made of coated sand core, which is suitable for both hot box and cold box. The core shooting machine is characterized by the application of two guide columns, vertical splitting of the opening and closing mold, and installation of two different molds at the same time. The intermediate fixing frame can be mounted on both sides of the fixed mold, and the left and right opening and closing molds (equivalent to the double mold frame).
       The core shooter is widely used in the foundry industry. The core made by the core shooter is accurate in size and smooth in surface. The working principle of the core shooter is to inject the core sand mixture with liquid or solid thermosetting resin as the binder into the heated core box, and the sand core is preheated in the core box to harden to a certain thickness (about 5~10 mm) Take it out to form a high quality sand core with a smooth surface and precise dimensions.
       The core shooter has been widely used in recent years, and the use of the core shooter can save a lot of styling wages. Because it is a multi-tank stacking and pouring, it can also reduce the waste of the pouring riser. The laminating sand after pouring is very good, which is good for clearing sand. The core shooting machine has high production efficiency, accurate sand size, and can appropriately reduce the processing amount; the operation is simple and the casting yield is high. More foundries prefer the use of core shooting machines.
       The above is a brief introduction of Qingdao Henglin Industrial Group Co., Ltd. for the application of core shooting machine.
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