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Ubiquitous intelligent automated modeling production line

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2019/10/10 14:44
       The development of automation to a certain extent is a full-scale replacement of manpower. Large-scale foundry companies have already started casting automatically in the first 10 years, but in the SMEs, they still use traditional modeling methods: manual modeling, semi-automatic molding machine modeling, but today's production line. Completely change the understanding of this tradition. The most concerned about styling is efficiency and yield. What about you?
       Qingdao Henglin Industrial Group Co., Ltd. produces a molding machine for you: small investment, high efficiency, labor saving, small footprint, uniform manufacturing weight, smooth appearance, advanced design concept, helping foundry companies solve a series of problems without professional Operation; rapid production, a variety of existing conditions of the transformation program; sand type is stable and reliable, to avoid human interference; the old template is available, saving mold costs.
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