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What equipment is needed for lost foam casting

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2019/10/14 15:31
       The advanced casting method used in lost foam casting is called the “green revolutionary process” of the 20th century. It is popularized in the past and has been developed in recent years. It has improved the precision and quality of products, reduced manpower and production costs, and improved Work rate. So what equipment is needed for such a good production process? Qingdao Henglin Industrial Group Co., Ltd. will introduce you.
1.The white mold manufacturing part:
White mold foaming, forming machine, paint mixer, paint drying room, manual white mold cutting bed.
2.The modeling part:
a. The sand storage tank is equipped with a raining sander or a sand storage tank with a spiral stirring sander.
b. Airbag vibrating table or rubber vibrating table.
3.The pouring part:
The electric furnace and vacuum system are selected according to the output.
4.The sandbox operation part:
Easy to use to transport; automatic, semi-automatic production line with driving, electric flat car, chain conveyor, push box machine, etc.
5.Turning the box to the sand:
Easy to use the car to turn over the box, automatic, semi-automatic use of the car or the box-turning machine (there is also a kind of less common sand box bottom leakage method and equipped with blade stirring sanding machine).
6.Sand treatment part:
The simple production line, the sand can be naturally cooled on the ground. The semi-automatic and automatic production line configuration equipment includes a falling sand platform, a hoist, a sieving machine, a magnetic separator, a cooling bed, and a dust remover. Its function is to remove the dust, slag, iron beans, etc. in the sand, and reduce the temperature of the sand to below 50 degrees in a short time to ensure continuous use of the molding sand.
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