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How to choose a good shot blasting machine

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2019/10/18 15:14
       Shot blasting machine has applications in many areas of our lives. When we have countless shot blasting machines in front of us, how can we buy them? Qingdao Henglin Industrial Group Co., Ltd. introduces you.
       The first thing to note is that the purchase of shot blasting machine must go to a regular manufacturer. The quality is guaranteed, the service is comprehensive, and the price will be much more favorable.
       Secondly, the quality of the shot blasting machine mainly depends on the angle of the blade and the durability of the blade. The setting of the distance between the blasting machine and the part has a direct influence on the suburban fruit of the shot blasting workpiece.
       Finally, the quality of the material and shot blasting machine accessories, the price of the accessories, etc. In addition, we must also pay attention to whether the repair of the shot blasting machine is convenient, etc. The following are some specific aspects to pay attention to:
1. Whether the processing of the guard plate, blade, impeller, directional sleeve and splitting wheel can be meticulous.
2. Investigate whether the shot blasting effect and efficiency can reach the expected effect.
3. Observe whether the appearance can be refined and whether the paint can be carefully sprayed.
4. Whether the service life of wearing parts can reach the basic requirements of the industry.
5. Whether all the oil filling points of the equipment are convenient for adding oil and lubricating oil.
6. Whether the seal (wearing parts) is easy to replace.
7. All transmission components are flexible.
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