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Solution to welding problems during the use of welding robots

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2019/10/22 15:30
       Although the welding robot brings a lot of convenience to the actual welding operation, if the welding method is not set properly, it will also affect the welding quality. From the past work experience, there are still many problems to be solved when welding robots are welded.
       For example, when the welding robot faces a weld with a size of less than 8 mm, it is usually completed by a single layer welding, that is, a layer of weld, and the diameter of the electrode is selected according to the thickness of the steel plate. If the size of the weld is less than 5 mm, the welding robot needs to be welded in a straight line method and a short arc.
       In order to reduce unnecessary defects during the welding process, the welding robot has a uniform welding speed; and the angle of the welding rod is 45° with the horizontal plate and 65°-80° with the welding direction. The problem of this angle must be strictly observed. Otherwise, the angle of the welding rod is too small, which will cause the root penetration to be insufficient. If the angle is too large, the slag will easily run to the front to cause slag inclusion.
       When the welding robot uses a straight-line moving strip method to weld a small-sized weld, the edge of the sleeve at the end of the electrode should be placed against the weld and gently pressed; when the electrode melts, it will gradually follow The welding direction moves. This is not only easy to operate, but also has a deep penetration and a beautiful appearance of the weld.
       If the size of the solder fillet is 5-8mm, it can be soldered by the oblique circle or anti-aliasing method, but the speed of the transport is different. Regarding the control of the speed of the moving bar during the welding process of the welding robot, the speed must be mastered, otherwise the phenomenon of undercut, slag inclusion and poor edge fusion may occur.
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