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Automatic pouring machine

Company News
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2019/10/25 14:36
       With the increasing production of castings and the ever-increasing demands on the quality of castings, foundries have begun to focus on one of the weakest links in foundry production – molten iron casting.
       At present, most foundries in China rely on hand-operated ladle to complete the pouring of molten iron, which not only has poor labor conditions, high labor intensity, but also poor safety. With the extensive use of high-efficiency modeling equipment, the production cycle is getting faster and faster, the manual operation is very tight, and the production capacity of the molding line is often restrained due to the problem of the pouring process, and the casting rejection rate is high, the iron liquid waste is serious, and the pouring worker Burns sometimes occur. To change this state, a mechanized, automated casting machine must be used.
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