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Clay sand production line is widely used in today's foundry companies

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2019/10/28 14:49
       Clay sand equipment is also a common type of production equipment used in the foundry industry. Why it is used in the foundry industry, mainly because of its many advantages for today's foundry companies. The application advantages of clay sand equipment are also closely related to their production process. Therefore, they are used in the design of high quality materials and mature technology, which will make them superior in application. It will be more and more.
       The fixed operating cost of the clay sand production line is relatively small, the cost of the relevant mechanical equipment of the production line is relatively low, and the source of clay sand generally can save the enterprise a large amount of labor costs. And the clay sand production line saves energy without drying. The performance advantages of the production line are obviously applicable, and the old sand can be reused after the regeneration process, and the re-creation process is relatively simple, and the operation cost is not too high. Clay sand equipment is simple to operate, has low requirements for technicians, and can usually be operated without professional training. Therefore, it is relatively easy to recruit and save human capital.
       Clay sand equipment requires professional personnel to operate in the process of application. It is necessary to ensure the safety factor in the specific steps of operation in accordance with the relevant management system. At the same time, when working in clay sand equipment, it is necessary to carry out oil filling operation according to the relevant specifications on time to avoid the problem of blockage of the oil circuit. At the same time, it is necessary to clean the oil cup, linoleum and other parts in time.
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