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Need to pay attention to the installation and use of shot blasting machine

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2019/10/29 15:24
What should you pay attention to when installing and using the shot blasting machine? Below Qingdao Henglin Industrial Group Co., Ltd. to introduce to you.
Precautions for the shot blasting machine during the installation process:
1. The host is in place: the level and weight of the host must meet the drawing requirements when it is in place.
2. Sub-component installation should be carried out from bottom to top.
3. The catenary and roller type should be from the inside to the periphery of the equipment.
4. Partial pre-test should be carried out during the test run, and then all running after normal operation.
Precautions for the operator during the operation of the equipment:
1. It must be noted that the display of the electrical panel is normal.
2. All personnel entering the blasting room must wear goggles and a safety helmet.
3. The operator must check the equipment daily.
These include: lubrication and mechanical parts. Lubrication parts such as: reducer, hydraulic, oil mist and bearing chain. Mechanical parts such as: wear parts of the rotating parts, wearing parts of the wearing parts.
4. The lubrication part should ensure timely refueling.
5. The orientation sleeve must be adjusted and replaced in time.
6. Check if the amount of steel shots is sufficient every day.
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