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Henglin Automation Modeling Machine Overview

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2019/10/31 14:58
       Henglin automatic molding machine is widely used in the manufacture of auto parts, railway equipment parts, hardware plumbing, explosion-proof tools, hydraulic valves, building pipe fasteners and mechanical castings. The equipment absorbs and draws on advanced technology at home and abroad. Unique, novel, stable operation, high efficiency, energy saving, equipped with a cooling machine, can ensure the constant temperature operation of the machine, and can take away the heat generated during work, so that the machine is working under negative pressure; the wearing parts of the machine are used Standard parts that are well-known brands and available in China to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, simple operation, safe and reliable, is an ideal casting machine.
       The fully automatic casting molding machine has been promoted nationwide and is widely used in large and medium-sized enterprises. The casting effect can achieve the required effect, without any technology, it can cure the quality defects of the mold. At present, the product has been applied to all parts of the country, and the results are very successful and the benefits are obvious.
It is time-saving, labor-saving, and efficient:
1. Time saving: 80-120 type can be reached every hour
2. Labor-saving: Workers change from labor-oriented to skilled workers, reducing a lot of physical effort.
3. Efficient: A pipeline can be compared with ten employees to produce a casting in batches.
4. Energy saving: sand can be reused and less waste sand is eliminated.
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