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ZN860Y Cold box Sand core shooter

Product description
ZN860Y Sand core shooter is an automatic and efficient Cold box Sand core shooter with non-standard design.
Developed on the basis of ZH700 model, it is the bottom-top Sand core shooter. It can shoot core and core, as well as remove core.
Suitable for sand cores with horizontal parting.
L ZN860Y Sand core shooter is suitable for mass production of complex Sand cores, with the advantages of accurate core size, high productivity and low labor intensity.
L ZN860Y Sand core shooter has Sand core removal mechanism. After mold opening, the working table mold can be moved out of the core through the cylinder for easy operation and more humanized.
L the removal mechanism operates smoothly and reliably.
Main configuration and technical parameters
N mold closing cylinder QGS320 250 (1)
N compression cylinder QGS250 200 (1)
N cylinder SC80 950tc-s (1)
N cylinder SC80 920tc-s TC move forward 100 (1)
N removed cylinder QGS100 1250 (1)
N PLC cp1e-n40sd-a extended cp1e-20edr1 (1)
N text screen op320-a DC24V 3W (1)
N spiral warning light lte-1101jac220v10w (1)
N switching power supply s-100-25 (omron)
N proximity switch hl-s20-n8n0 (6)
N maximum mass of core is 30KG
N sand bucket maximum capacity 200KG
N drive mode pneumatic
N operation mode manual/weekly automatic/automatic
N power supply 220V 50HZ
N system pressure 0.5-0.6mpa
N blasting pressure 0.3-0.45mpa
N working table size 1200 800 (mm)
N head size
Three, the main structure
Model ZN860Y Sand core shooter consists of the upper plate, vertical column, crossbeam, die support parts, Sand bucket, air bag, lower plate, removal mechanism and other parts.
The upper plate of the machine base is welded with shaped steel and steel plates.
With enough rigidity and strength, to ensure the smooth work of all parts, mold closing cylinder installed in the cylinder seat, configuration control solenoid valve, speed control valve, control button plate fixed in the left side of the bed, the equipment in a single week of operation, by the programmable controller (PLC) control.
The four upright columns are the necessary parts for connecting support between the machine base and the upper plate.
The four columns are welded with 150 square pipes, which have higher strength and stability.
The working table, four guide posts and guide sleeve constitute the moving template of the die frame component and the mould closing cylinder, and the opening and closing process is completed along the four guide posts.
When the moving die is moved in place, the moving device moves the whole working table, cylinder seat and other parts to the outside of the column, and four core ejector rods can push out the sand core for manual coring.
More user-friendly operation.
The beam part is installed above the machine tool, the upper part of the beam is equipped with the injection head of the pressing cylinder, the air bag, the walking cylinder is installed on both sides of the upper plate, the bottom surface of the beam is equipped with the gate, when the sand cylinder moves to the right, the gate can be opened automatically for sand supply.
Japanese OMQON (PLC) electrical control system consists of electrical box, position signal switch, control box.
The electrical cabinet includes power switch, cold core box control element, program controller, etc.
The program controller is the core component that controls the whole machine adequately.
This electrical control system adopts the programmable controller imported from Japan, this system USES the integrated circuit, proximity switch as the signal element of detector position, and the switch working current is provided by the switch power supply (omron) in the electrical box.
2. Action sequence of equipment
Operation sequence of equipment (cold core box)
Remove mechanism into (including worktable and lower core box)
Mould closing sand barrel in place ejection head pressing ejection head (exhaust) ejection head releasing sand barrel return amine blowing head in place amine blowing head pressing amine blowing head pressing amine blowing low blowing cleaning high pressure core opening mould removing sand core removing lower core removing coring (manual)
Preparation before operation
¨ shoot sand plate installation: first check whether the shoot sand mouth is installed, then install shoot sand board at nozzle and the mould into the sand, tighten bolts on clamp, fixed sand plate.
¨ check whether amine blowing mouth and shoot sand mouth position alignment with mould into the sand.
Are they free to pass through the mold inlet.
¨ for sand, sand is added into sand bucket
¨ gas: open the air supply valve, adjust the system pressure, make the system pressure is 0.5 ~ 0.6 Mpa, shoot sand pressure within 0.3 ~ 0.45 Mpa.
¨ closed power supply, power indicator.
¨ to release agent tank and release agent.
¨ according to the regulations from the oil mist in the gas.
¨ check parts screw, for loose falls off phenomenon.
Whether there are obstacles around the moving parts.
Operating sequence
First point the "manual/weekly" knob to manual
Press the press head in turn to loosen and the sand cylinder returns.
The die button returns each action to its original position.
Turn the "manual/one-week" knob to one-week (at this time, the "automatic start" indicator light will be on)
Press the "auto start" button with both hands, and the device starts to work in a cycle.
Iv. Mold installation and related matters
1. Mold installation
Mold to original position
Connect the moving and fixed molds, and lift them up to the working table.
Connect the mould with the moving mould
Move the die, connect the die and the die
Loosen the die attachment
Open and close the mold several times. After confirmation, tighten the screw again.
The disassembling die shall be reversed according to the above sequence
2. Install sand blasting board, top core board and amine blowing board
-- before adding sand, install the sanding plate used in the mold, and check whether the sanding nozzle on the sanding plate is installed properly;
The nozzle on the sandblasting plate should be aligned with the sand inlet on the mold, the clamp should be installed, and the nut should be tightened.
-- install the top core board and the top core rod.
Note: the mandrel should be aligned with the sand inlet of the mold, and enter and exit freely.
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