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ZB8615BF double stationHot box Sand core shooter

ZB8615BF double stationHot box Sand core shooter

Product description
ZB8615BF double stationHot box Sand core shooter:
I. purpose:
ZH8615BFHot box Sand core shooter is the Sand core shooter using coated Sand.
Solid sand cores can be shot within the range of template size and maximum shot weight.
The machine relates to two projectors, which use sand barrel to move back and forth in a straight line to complete sand adding and sand shooting.
According to the different user molds, the two ejectors can be operated simultaneously or individually, two sets of different molds can be placed at the same time, and one set of different molds can be placed at the same time for production, which is convenient and quick to operate with high productivity.
The peritoneal sand with hot box is used to ensure the quality of the core.
The mold opening and closing mode of the machine is vertical parting. The middle mold can be set and left and right mold can be opened and closed.
There is a set of open and close mold cylinder on the left and right of the moving mold, two sets of mold can be respectively installed, and the left and right of the moving mold can be closed to complete.
When the die is in place and hits the dead jacking rod, the sand core is pushed out.
All actions of the equipment are controlled by manual reversing valve.
The control part is automatically controlled by PLC and text screen, and the equipment is equipped with spotlights, alarms and other safety devices.
Ii. Main technical parameters:
Template size(mm)    620x400
Maximum mold size(mm) 620x420
Maximum core weight(kg) 18
Clamping stroke(mm) 400
Clamping force(N) 10000
Sand bucket capacity(kg) 200
Drive mode  pneumatic
Operation mode  manual/semi-automatic
Pneumatic system pressure(Mpa) 0.55-0.6
Sand blasting pressure (Mpa)(adjustable) 0.3-0.4
Heating mode  electric heating
Heating power(kw) 25
Total power AC380V 50HZ three phases
Operating power supply AC220V 50HZ
Use sand core phenolic resin coated sand
Structure and function of the machine
This machine is composed of bed, mould frame, left and right slide plate, upper plate, column, ejector barrel, pressing device, pneumatic system (air source processing parts, electromagnetic directional valve, cylinder, throttle valve, etc.) and electrical control system.
1. The bed adopts welded steel plate and section steel structure, and is the basic component of the machine after stress treatment.
2. The formwork is a combination of assembly parts. The middle set formwork (according to the contract) is composed of moving formwork on the left and right sides and two cylinder supports, guide sleeves and guide posts.
The guide column is treated with quenched and tempered chrome plating. The cylinder support is provided with a mandrel, and the cylinder is provided with a mandrel to push out the sand core. The core is taken by hand.
3, the beam for steel plate welding structure, its role is to install the sand bucket, pressure device, sand intake and sand cylinder moving track and automatic sand gates.
4, the column for the steel plate welding structure, by it to connect the bed and beam, as a whole to connect and the role of the main column.
5. The sand barrel is a welded steel plate and pipe structure.
By the jet tube, box body, nozzle body, jet plate and other combinations.
Its function is to inject core sand into the hot core box through compressed air by means of horizontal reciprocating movement of cylinder and sand adding and sand shooting.
During sand shooting, the pressing cylinder presses down the barrel and sticks to the sand inlet of the mold to complete sand shooting.
After the compression cylinder is released, the spring automatically resets it.
It is the main structure of sand supply and core shooting.
The compression device is a composite assembly.
It is used for compaction and sand blasting.
Pressure head with rubber seal ring.
The sand and the barrel are tightly sealed.
Complete the sand shooting work smoothly.
6. Pneumatic system is the main power to complete each action.
Equipped with air source processing parts, reducing valve, solenoid valve, throttle valve, pressure gauge and other air source control components.
7. The sand shooting time and heating time of the equipment are adjusted by the instrument display. The operation is flexible and convenient, and the operation is safe and reliable.
The heating system of the hot core box is equipped with digital temperature controller, which can adjust and control the heating temperature according to the requirements of the process.
Ensure core quality stability and yield.
Iv. Operation of the machine
1. The operator of the machine can complete the following actions in sequence by pressing the hand plate valve:
Shot cylinder clamping - moving forward - pressure - shoot sand - shot cylinder exhaust release -- -- -- -- -- -- mobile reset - delay after curing mould ejection sand core -- -- - (the operator) take out the core.
2. Check the sand level of the sand bucket (sand storage bucket) and fill the sand core.
3. Power on: open the power switch on the control cabinet to check whether the power is normal.
4. Power on: open the air source stop valve to check whether the pressure is normal.
If any abnormality is found, the adjustment shall be checked immediately and the pressure shall be adjusted to the normal value.
5. Heating method: electric heating.
Mold heating, check whether the mold is installed correctly before preheating, check whether the insulation condition of the incoming line of the electric heat pipe is good, if there is electricity leakage, immediately stop the machine for inspection and maintenance, and put the mold in the state of closing the mold.
Switch "heating 1" and "heating 2" ON the control cabinet to "ON" position and start heating.
The setting of heating temperature.
Adjustable digital display temperature control instrument set moving die and die temperature, respectively, can be adjusted in the range of 0-300 ℃.
Mould heating temperature should be in accordance with the requirements of process to determine, generally between 200-260 ℃ advisable.
6. Lubricate the moving parts.
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