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Pulse bag dust collector

Product description
We are special in the foundry factory (smelting furnace, electric arc furnace, furnace), solution casting, cooling, molding, processing, sand blast cleaning, grinding, cutting and industry with dust and flue gas rich. Reach the national and local environmental protection requirements, for the approval of the casting enterprises to provide a strong guarantee. The company has more than and 600 customer performance, professional problems, please give our professional team to solve!
Main models:
1 flat bag pulse back flushing dust collector
2 compartment off line counter blowing dust collector
3 special dust collector for welding and cutting
4, electric arc furnace, cupola dedusting system
5 molding, casting, cooling and dust removal system
6 sand blasting machine, sand treatment dust removal system
7 shot blasting machine dust removal system
8 gas cutting and gouging, grinding dust removal system
9 rubber industry mixer, open mill dust removal system
10 crushing, screening, conveying and dust removing system in mining industry
11 heat zinc flue gas dust removal system
12 building materials, wood industry dust removal system
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