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QXY series steel plate pretreatment production line

Product description
QXY series steel plate pretreatment production line
Steel pretreatment line technology refers to the steel before processing the surface shot blasting rust and coated with a protective primer processing technology.
The pretreatment of steel can improve the corrosion resistance of mechanical products and metal components, improve the fatigue resistance of steel plates, and extend their service life.
At the same time, the surface process of steel can be optimized, which is conducive to nc cutting machine blanking and precision blanking.
This line is designed and manufactured according to the advantages of similar products at home and abroad: the main engine (shot blasting cleaning) of the rust-removing department adopts high efficiency shot blasting device and curtain type sand blasting separator.
The cleaning department adopts special high strength nylon roller brush and secondary cleaning device of high pressure fan.
Various heating methods are adopted in the preheating and drying section.
The painting department adopts high pressure airless spraying method.
This complete set of equipment adopts the microcomputer automatic control, belongs to the international advanced level large-scale complete set of equipment.
The spray booth is usually welded with steel plate profile, and two spray guns are usually arranged above and below the roller table.
In order to meet the requirements of different roller conveyance speed and film thickness, the spray gun can perform different actions, such as spraying paint in and out of the roller channel, spraying paint in and out of the roller channel, spraying in and out of the air in one stroke, and spraying in and out again.
Through the precision control of the detection device, the requirements of "paint spraying with workpiece, no workpiece not spraying" can be realized, and the paint utilization rate can be higher.
Generally, the paint spraying system consists of two high-pressure airless paint spraying pumps, pneumatic agitators, paint filters and pipelines, which are installed in the paint pump room. The paint pump is connected with the paint spraying room through the pipelines.
The spray booth is equipped with explosion-proof exhaust fan and lighting, and buried ground wire to prevent fire caused by static electricity.
The drying chamber adopts the principle of hot air circulation drying. Heat is generated by electric (or gas, fuel oil, etc.) heating.
Using the electric contact point temperature sensor, can be indoor temperature automatic control between 40 ~ 70 ℃.
The temperature controller is mounted on the side wall of the drying chamber, which can be easily observed and adjusted.
The drying chamber body adopts double-layer thin-plate box structure, which can be disassembled. The two sides adopt door structure, which is convenient to maintain the plate chain system and lining the insulation material, which is conducive to the full use of heat and convenient to replace and repair.
In order to prevent explosion, a exhaust device is installed in the drying system to dilute the concentration of paint mist in the drying room.
The exhaust air containing the paint mist is disposed by the paint mist treatment system together with the paint mist air produced by the spray chamber.
The workpiece to be dried is transported by plate chain system.
The system adopts roller conveyor chain to connect the v-shaped plate chain group together. The transmission chain of roller is flexible and easy to be interchanged.
This line is mainly used for surface treatment of steel plate and various types of section steel (refer to preheating, derusting, painting, drying), and can also be used for surface shot cleaning and strengthening of metal components.
The adoption of foreign advanced technology and the company to develop new technologies, such as dynamic simulation to monitor system, the company produced steel pretreatment line has simple operation, convenient maintenance, cleaning thoroughly, spraying uniformity and other characteristics, especially the projectile low dissipation, high utilization rate of paint, etc. The steel pretreatment line high praise, the company new orders continuously.
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