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DB 800 Dustless Blasting machine

Product description
DB800 Blast Tank:
8 Cubic Foot Capacity
150 Minute blast time per fill
Tank Dimensions: 64"h x 36"w x 40" d
Weight - 427 lbs
Operating Pressure: 30-150 PSI
50 Ft. Blast Hose
Deadman Activator Valve
boron carbide Nozzle
Fill Funnel with Screen
Lifetime Warranty on Blast Pot
Dustless Blasting Machine
1. How to work:
Dustless Blasting Machine :  with the corundum / glass beads and water as the abrasive, air compressor provide air as the driving force, this way will clean the surface of cars or walls.
2. The characteristics of the machine
1) The body is made of steel coil, strong and durable, will not be corroded;
2) The new live gas control switch, and the control of pump and compressed air, simple operation, safe and reliable;
3) pump design is reasonable, stir the sand out of the surface of the product, easy to start, long service life, and convenient maintenance.
4) Good design, suitable for small and medium-sized sandblasting.
5) The parts are made of high quality imported brands, safe and reliable.
3. The application of this machine
1) Applicable to wet sand blasting;
2) Applicable to small and medium-sized parts of the single/small batch blasting;
3) Cleaning the heat treatment parts, welding parts, castings, forgings and other surface of the oxide, etc., to clean up the quality can reach Sa3 level;
4) The cleaning of micro burr machining, surface residue etc.;
5) The workpiece surface spraying pretreatment before plating, can obtain the active surface, improve the spray coating adhesion;
6) High precision and other processing methods to complete the roughness Ra value is small, light decoration processing parts with complex shapes;
7) The port is especially suitable for the shipbuilding industry, precision instruments, clean surface. Vintage car, cultural relics
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