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Zhuhai Office of the People's Society and Zhuhai Public Employment Association visited Henglin Industrial Group

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2019/09/30 09:58

       On the morning of September 29th, Zhuhai Office and Zhuhai Public Employment Association visited Henglin Industrial Group. Through the understanding of the company, the association found that the company is a typical new and old kinetic energy conversion enterprise, not only occupying the brand in the same industry. Leading position, we have also established our own team in robot research and development, especially in line with the double-trick double-intake policy. We are gratified that the company is not only not affected by the trade war, this year's orders have increased by 30%. The turnover rate of employees is almost zero. The only difficulty facing us at present is that due to the need for enterprises to transfer and relocate and approve the land use of new plants, the leaders of the association have made strong analysis and insights on this issue. The subsidy policies of human society, talents, and the Disabled Persons' Federation were systematically explained. The leaders of the two sides met with each other and the good policies were really sent to the doorstep, which was unanimously recognized by the leaders of the company.

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